For a med jar full:

    1 tbl sp of plant-based mayonnaise
    2x tbl sp Lemon juice
    1 tbl sp Vinegar (white or red wine vinegar)
    2 x tblsp Maple Syrup
    3 tbl sp Mustard (lots)
    3 tblsp water.
    1 Clove of garlic – crushed (optional)
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    The recipe


    Now this one is a challenge as vinaigrettes are an emulsion of oil and other ingredients, typically vinegar, sugar and flavourings.

    Having done a lot of research i have found recipes that claim you can use apple sauce as a base, avocado (yes – i know you can but the fat content – even if its good fats), nuts and seeds (again fat issue), but whilst they all create a passable and often times delicious dressing, it does not resemble a classic french dressing.

    A french dressing should be a simple, rich and piquant tasting amalgamation of flavours and textures that adds to the salad it is being used on.

    I stumbled across what i think is the most authentic recipe by chance, when i had made my tofu mayonnaise and did not want to waste the remains in the blender which i could not easily remove.  I added a few key ingredients and “PRESTO – Plant-based magic”  a dressing that tasted just like my first ever “proper” French Dressing, creamy, rich, sweet and sour with a strong flavour of Dijon mustard.


    Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blitz until thoroughly blended.

    Taste and adjust seasoning. If too acidic add more sweetener if too sweet add more lemon or vinegar as the balance here is all a question of personal taste.

    If you do not have maple syrup you can use agave or honey (although not strictly plant-based).

    This will keep in the fridge for a week or more.

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