Ingredients List

    2 x Peeled Cloves of Garlic
    1 x Dsp Tahini (any kind – Light or dark)
    1-2 x Tbsp Plant-based Mayonnaise
    2 x Tbsp Water
    Pinch of Salt or Herbamare
    Handful Flat Leaf Parsley
    2 x Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
    2 x Tbsp Lemon Juice
    2 x Handfuls of peanuts roasted or dry roasted

    1 Large Bag of prepared Kale

    More nuts for garnish
    2 x Grated or finely julienned Carrots.
    2 x Spring Onions – finely chopped

    The recipe


    I often really fancy something that tastes “clean”.  Something that I feel is going to do my body good.  Something that is going to make me feel good about my food choices and give my body the best possible fuel.  The other day, I went into Leon, which is a really good, mostly-healthy, fast food chain in the UK.  One of the menu items was a Kale and Peanut salad.  That inspired me to make this and to exploit the nutritional benefits of Kale, which is widely touted as the #1 Superfood.  I’m not sure what exactly constitutes a “Superfood” but I do know that Kale has a somewhat awesome nutritional profile.

    For details on Kale and it’s “superfood” properties, see here:
    So, this has become one of my favourite salads, as it is easy and quick to whip up at a moments notice and it is cheap and so, so, healthy.  You can also vary the dressing, making it more asian by adding soy sauce, dijon mustard and mango, or maybe some curry etc.,

    You can also vary the nuts too, I have used cashews and almonds too, although most seeds would work too.

    To make this you will ideally need a food processor.


    You will need a food processor.

    • With the blades running, add the peeled garlic cloves to chop.
    • Add the tahini, mayonnaise, water, salt, pepper, parsley, vinegar and lemon juice
    • Blend to make a loose dressing – it should resemble a thin milkshake
    • Scrape down the sides and add the handful peanuts roasted or dry roasted
    • Add the kale
    • Process using short bursts and push the kale down
    • You want to process it until it is all chopped roughly and covered with the dressing, but not a mush
    • Grate or add some julienned carrot and some finely chopped spring onions
    • Mix (do not process further), and place in a serving bowl
    • Either eat immediately or chill for an hour before serving
    • Just before serving sprinkle over more nuts

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