What fruit or vegetable do you dislike?

Is there a fruit or vegetable that you dislike?

What is it about that particular fruit or vegetable that you dislike?

Do you only like some things cooked or raw?

As a child I had a hatred of a number of foods, these included peas – I hated the texture; broad beans – the smell put me off; Brussels Sprouts – I would sit for hours doing battle with my parents finally agreeing to eat two before I could leave the table!

Nowadays there are few things that I do not like.  One of these is the humble Pear.


Guess what?  Pears are in season just now and having not checked what was in my organic box this week, I got not one but four lots of pears.  Enough for a family of 6 or a small office.  The problem is that our family is just me and Mr G and i’m not lugging pears into my office in town.

The other thing that I get from my childhood is the belief that food should not be wasted.  Many of the meals that I ate as a child were made from leftovers.  The Sunday roast would provide a meal for the family as a roast, then maybe a casserole and maybe a soup or cold cuts.  Vegetables were turned into pies, or bubble and squeak.   So I was not prepared to waste them.  Mr G only likes pears when they are rock hard and these were ripe when delivered.  Hmmm.  What to do?

I came up with two recipes that worked for me.  I like pears in salads, so I made a salad –Pear & Pecan Salad Recipe I also love crumbles and anything ginger so I made a Pear and Ginger Crumble – Pear and Ginger Crumble Recipe

I have to say that based on that experience, I am not dreading more pears but actually quite looking forward to making another crumble or salad!

So, despite my strong dislike of pears, I managed to make two Plantalicious dishes both of which I liked and judging by the empty dishes, so did Mr G.

What vegetables and fruits do you dislike?  Leave me a message on here or on the community pages of the things that you dislike and why and if you want me to see if I can conjure up a recipe that you would like so you can rediscover your nemesis, just as I did.


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  1. angela
    angela says:

    Coriander – I don’t like the smell the taste anything about it. Last winter (I live in S Australia) I grew heaps – just about every seed germinated and I couldn’t give it away. How can I change my taste buds to try even a little bit of this demon herb? : ) BTW I was brought up to eat just about anything (and yes I had the tussle with my dad and sprouts) so I don’t think I’m fussy and I do eat most things.

    • Barry Honeycombe
      Barry Honeycombe says:

      I love coriander! That is a weird one. Have you tried a few leaves in a thai green curry paste? That might work as it would only be one part of the overall flavour and not the dominant one.

  2. angela
    angela says:

    I have tried it most ways – I think it tastes of soap : ( But I’ll give it another go….maybe.

    Cheers Barry. Angela


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