A LITTLE CUP OF TEA – a great offer from THE LONDON TEA COMPANY – Save 20% on your first order!

When I was growing up, there was very little in our household that couldn’t be solved by “a nice cup of tea”. The kettle in our house was invariably still hot from having been boiled or being filled with cold water ready to boil again for another pot of tea. My auntie Jan was even worse, I can hear her voice now saying “cup of tea kid”?  This wasn’t really a question, although it always sounded like it. It was more of a cue to be ready to take a steaming hot mug of tea in your hand a moments notice.  She and my uncle George drank gallons of the stuff and made sure that none of her visiting friends and family ever went without a cup of tea in her house for more than a few moments.

To this day, I have a cupboard full of tea and when anybody comes to the house and selects tea as their beverage of choice they are then confronted with a bewildering array of different teas to choose from.
Imagine my delight that the London Tea Company communicated with me on Twitter and then sent me a box with a selection of their teas to taste and try out.  The tea are all premium content and quality and include a traditional breakfast tea; a lovely refreshing  Earl Grey; a zesty Lemongrass, Ginger and Citrus Fruits infusion; a Darjeeling; my personal favourite a Green Tea Tropical; a Moroccan Mint tea; a Rooibos and finally a Vanilla Chai.  What I like about their pyramid tea bags is that I can make a small pot with 1 bag or a large mug-full which is perfect for me.
Having Tasted the teas I really enjoyed them and would thoroughly recommend them.
The company has kindly offered a 20% discount for any orders from my Plantalicious people. All you have to do is go to their website www.Londontea.co.uk and their online shop ( http://londontea.co.uk/shop/ ) and use the voucher code “londontea” (all one word) and you will receive a 20% discount on your 1st order.
So having said that, I’m off to pop the kettle on for a nice cup of tea!
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If you have not heard already, I have produced an e-book that is a handy guide as a starter for those new to, or curious about a plant-based diet.  Maybe you just want to reduce your meat intake by one or two meals a week, or you just do not know what to buy to get started.  Well now you do.  Download a copy of my e-book!


You can also refer friends to the download site if they are interested to know more about a plant-based diet.  The book contains recipes for 3 days including breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as snacks and some basics.  It also has a shopping list so you know what to stock up with to make the recipes.


To download the e-book just visit this page of my site – http://www.plantalicious.com/buy-the-plantalicious-ebook/   to save yourself the cost of £6.99, simply sign up for the Plantalicious Newsletter and “hey presto” you will then be able to download the e-book for free.  How about that for plant-based magic?


If you are already a news letter subscriber, please just email me – Barry@Plantalicious.com and I will send you the e-book by email.


Please let me have any comments and feedback on the book.  What you liked, what could be improved and what you’d like to see more of.  You can comment here on www.plantalicious.com of ping me an email.  I’d also love to hear how people get on with the 3 day Plantalicious Challenge – how did you feel?  How did you find the recipes?  Did you miss anything?

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