Carbohydrates – Why Do So Many People Believe That Carbohydrates Are Bad for Them?

The diet industry has convinced many that carbohydrates are bad for you. Thus, we’ve seen the introduction of many low carb or even no carb diets. But what the people who promote these diets aren’t telling you is that not having enough carbs in your diet can put a person’s body into a state of Ketosis. (See So does that mean that low carb diets are dangerous? Is there a better way to diet for fitness or weight loss purposes? Read on to learn the truth about carbohydrates.




Basically, low carb diets end up meaning high protein. How do most people, especially individuals who are interested in fitness, get that extra protein? Generally from meat, fish and diary, which typically means adding a lot of extra saturated fat and cholesterol to your diet as well. Some fish are high in saturated fat and fish contain cholesterol. Plant based diets, however, recommend getting your protein through beans, nuts, starches and grains like quinoa. You can also get a surprising amount of protein in the vegetables that you eat, such as broccoli. This is why Doctor Oz promoted a diet designed by T. Colin Campbell. It’s a plant based diet which allows an individual to still get plenty of protein, but without cutting out carbohydrates.


The real issue with carbohydrates is processed foods. Most people who eat a Western diet are getting their carbs from fast food or from other processed foods like convenience foods, microwavable meals and even bags of potato chips. By avoiding these types of foods and getting rid of processed sweets and replacing them with fruit, you can rid your diet of the unhealthy carbs without eliminating those necessary good carbs from your diet.




The Starch Solution is another diet which has been developed by Dr. McDougall. This is another plant based diet.  People confuse plant based with vegan.  The two are not the same.  They share the fact that the followers do not consume meat, fish or dairy products, however vegans may eat processed and convenience foods.  The Starch Solution diet could be thought of as low protein because the diet focuses on using starches to fuel the body, although Dr McDougall points out that it is virtually impossible for someone to be protein deficient and there is protein even in the humble potato. Again, the secret is to have starches that have been minimally processed. Have lots of fruits and vegetables while cutting out the refined sugars. The result is an overall healthier feeling, more energy, and more alkaline blood. Remember that acidic blood is the best environment for cancer to grow. So plant based diets like this, even ones that are high in carbohydrates, are best for your overall well being.




Yes, many diets that people try today are fads. That’s why so many people believe that carbohydrates are bad for them. The fact is that eating the right carbohydrates is better for you than eating a low carb diet filled with the wrong types of proteins that can contribute to heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, and many other health problems. Rather than falling into the trap of believing the hype from fad diets, it is far better to eat a healthy plant based diet, the diet that human bodies are clearly meant for, and to enjoy carbohydrates along with a healthy program of regular exercise.


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