Heart Attack Proof – The work of Dr Esselstyn – Guest Posts from Carol Hagans

Carol Hagans and I met on Twitter.

She is going to spend today observing Dr Esselstyn  – see http://www.heartattackproof.com/ – working with a new group of patients.

For those who do not know Dr Esselstyn and his pioneering work – Please click on the link above or buy his book or check out videos of him on You Tube etc.,  Such as this one – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPeLgcyJ2Y8

If you know anyone who is either suffering from heart disease or who is at risk – then share this with them – You would be doing them a favour!

Dr Esselstyn is one of my personal “Food Heroes” who has shown us that we can take personal responsibility for our health through our dietary choices and change our health destiny.

I asked Carol is she would be willing to her experiences of her day at the Cleveland Clinic  with us here on Plantalicious.

Here is her first post –

It’s almost time to drive to Lyndhurst Campus of Cleveland Clinic to learn from Dr. Esselstyn. More soon!

I’m just as excited as she is – I only wish I could be there too, but I hope that through Carol we will get a sense of how Dr Esselstyn works with his patients to help them Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.


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