NEWSFLASH ->> Plantalicious Receives UK Trade Mark

Plantalicious is pleased to announce…..

….that it has been granted a UK Trade Mark under the Trade Marks Act of 1994 of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as of 16th September 2013, under Number UK00003022174, for classes: 29 (Soups); 30 (Salad Dressings); 38 (Blogging Services) & 21 (Cookery Demonstrations).


 Given that Plantalicious is a “hobby business”, why have we secured a trademark?

It prevents someone else from using the name.
It protects Plantalicious from being accused of infringing another company’s mark.
Effectively it is “Insurance” for any marketing spend, preventing others using it to their advantage.
It records the trademark as an asset of the business in the balance sheet.
Should we wish to, it opens the business up to the opportunities of licensing.

But really, it means that the name PLANTALICIOUS is ours!

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