What’s in your salad sandwich?

I love a sandwich. Satisfying, wholesome bread encasing a tasty and delicious filling.

Given all my travels and my dietary requirements, I quite often order a salad sarnie.

Today I happened to need a sandwich before heading to the airport and ordered a salad sandwich on brown bread with no meat, fish, dairy.

This is what I got-


I was so disappointed given here I was in Dublin in Ireland. The home of delicious soda bread, and wonderful fresh produce. I also got a small bowl of luke warm chips which I did not want. This was accompanied by a teeny tiny “side salad” of watercress, 2 thin slices each of tomato and gherkin. Topped off with sugar-laden tomato ketchup. Hmmm.

What do you put in your salad sandwiches?

Here’s some ideas:
– lettuces – any and every type
– grated carrots
– cucumber
– tomato
– sliced radish
– beetroot
– rocket/arugala
– lambs lettuce
– watercress
– cress
– shisho
– micro greens
– herbs, such as Basil, Coriander and Parsley
– apple
– Kale
– beans or bean spreads
– no added fat hummus
– mustard
– nut butters
– celery
– thinly sliced leeks
– onions
– spring onions/scallions
– roasted veggies
– sliced courgettes
– olives
– chives
– sliced dill pickles/gherkins
– shredded cabbage – red, white or green
– plant-based mayonnaise
– sprouts (bean sprouts, alfalfa, radish)
– water chestnuts
– bamboo shoots
– Chinese leaves

What else?
– sliced smoked tofu?
– mock meats?
– veggie spreads and pates

What have I forgotten?

Any other ideas or favourites?

I haven’t named the hotel concerned but suffice to say that I shared my opinion on my lunch with them along with the enclosed photo. They are “looking into the matter” and “having words with the kitchen.”

I’d be happy to give them some consulting advice on their menu and how to cater more imaginatively for the increasing demand for healthy food.

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