What is wrong with the British Heart Foundation?

I am mad.  No, I’m not mad, I am seething.

I just read the attached article on the Guardian online  – http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/oct/20/food-portion-sizes My blood pressure is sky high as a result.  I’d never really noticed before, but surely this organisation cannot be blind to the growing body of evidence relating to the link between chronic disease such as heart disease and lifestyle choices, particularly the foods that we eat?


Extensive research and their resultant publications such as the China Study, by T. Colin Campbell http://www.thechinastudy.com/ and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jnr http://www.heartattackproof.com/ clearly demonstrate that the BHF should be putting its weight behind promoting lifestyle changes and encouraging those who use it’s resources to take responsibility for their health.  Instead it lambastes the food industry in the UK for the portion sizes and make out that we as consumers are merely victims.


I have little or no regard for the UK Food Industry and whilst the article makes some valid points, the author is surely missing the key point that it is not how much you eat, rather it is what you choose to eat.  The BHF eating guidlines are woefully inadequate – see http://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/prevention/healthy-eating.aspx.  Courses such as the Happy Heart course provide the guidance to patients that the BHF is missing – see http://www.happyheartcourse.com/


I wonder why this major UK charity does not look at the growing body of evidence and suggest following a plant-based diet?  Surely even if they were skeptical of the results of Dr’s Campbell, Ornish, Barnard, McDougal, Esselstyn, Lederman etc collective works, they could see that promoting a no-added fat, whole-food, plant-based diet could not harm their patients and may just save their lives.  Are they perhaps motivated by some other force?  I am not a conspiracy theorist, however I do wonder if the BHF would not promote such lifestyle changes as it might just upset some of those large and powerful pharmaceutical companies who make such a lot of their revenues from the statin drugs that are widely prescribed across the UK?  If not, then why does the BHF not look at the evidence and promote a WFPB diet to it’s followers?


I wonder and hope that members of the BHF team are attending the North American Plant Based Nutrition Health Care Conference in Naples, Florida next week.  http://www.pbnhc.com/  Sadly, I doubt it.

BHF – Please wake-up, stop going on about portion size and start talking about WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD EAT to not only PREVENT but REVERSE their heart disease.


Now that would be news that the Guardian could share with the nation!

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