Depressed man

Eat Plants to help beat depression?

So many people experience depression to varying degrees in their lives. Personally, I’ve experienced mood swings and fairly regular bouts of “being down”. I had one major episode , many years ago brought on by stress at work and being bullied by a particularly horrid boss.

I am fortunate that I have not experienced long periods of depression or the severe effects of the condition. Many people do have a terrible time with what is often an easy condition to cover up. which means people suffering in silence. I recall that when I had my bad time and talked about it, I was hugely surprised by all the people around me who said that they too had had similar experiences.

Whilst there are lots of options to address the symptoms of depression, doctors typically reach for a prescription pad and prescribe a pill.

What if we could reduce the impact of depression on the individual through diet?

Take a look at Dr Greger’s latest summary of the research in this area and please share it with friends and family.

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