Excited? Well I am…. A New Plantalicious Blog

I am chuffed to announce that we will shortly be launching an entirely new version of my blog – this will go live soon.  Thanks to a lot of hard work by the very wonderful techno wizard – Mr Tim Groves  (If you want any web-design work done – Please contact Tim – He is a genius and has done wonders with the new Plantalicious).

Do not worry – all of your favourite content will still be there.  (In fact, it is just as well, as so often now, I have to consult the blog myself, as I cannot remember a particular recipe – the perils of old age).  Once the new new site is live you will be automatically re-directed.

Additionally –

  • The blog will have a new professional look, with much better navigation.
  • It will work on mobiles and tablets easily.
  • The recipes and videos will be re-organized and will have a much more professional and easy to use layout.
  • There will be a lot more photography – as we eat with the eyes, and I want you to see what the dishes should look like.
  • The site will be linked to separate Facebook and Twitter accounts specifically for Plantalicious (so you get what you want and not the musings of Barry James Honeycombe)!

Finally, and what I am most excited about, is that the site will give us the opportunity to create a “Plantalicious Community”.  What is one of those? You may ask! It will be whatever we make it.  What I hope,  is that we can create a supportive and sharing environment where we can share recipes and tips as well as our experience of living a whole-food plant-based nutrition lifestyle.

As you may know, my goal is to share my journey and to inspire and help others to change their health destiny for the better and these site developments are designed to help me achieve exactly those goals.

I do want to thank you for all of your support to date.  I hope that you will continue to join in and be part of Plantalicious as it would not be much point my sitting here cooking and blogging if no-one ever read, noticed and shared what I did.

As you can tell, I’m excited about these developments and want to thank Mr Tim Groves again.  Thanks also to my wonderful and talented cousin, Glynis Smy http://glynissmyauthor.com/ who kindly set up the initial Plantalicious Blog for me.  Last but by no means least, Mr G who came up with the name Plantalicious in the first place and who not only provides his love and support, putting up with me, he also eats most of my output as a cook!

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  1. Glynis Smy
    Glynis Smy says:

    Wow, good luck, dear cousin! Love how you have thrown yourself into the blog, and developed it in such a wonderful way. I look forward to seeing it in all its glory. :) x


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