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Plantalicious – Recipe Makeover Challenge

I am always up for a challenge. One of the challenges I set myself is to take recipes that I like and make healthier no-added fat whole-food plant-based versions of them.

So I thought why not ask my readers to send me their recipes that they’d like “made over”. It’s a bit like one of those Gok Wan programmes – “How to Look Good Naked” or in this case, “How to taste good Naked!” Well at least without the meat, fish, dairy, processed foods and added fats.

There are a few rules – I’d prefer it not to be something like “grilled fillet steak” although I might suggest a thick griddled slice of Aubergine instead! Pastry is also tough to replace, but I’d do my best. I cannot guarantee to be able to makeover every recipe you suggest, but I will have a go.

My goal will be to improve the quality of the nutrition of the dish, whilst retaining the flavour, texture and mouthfeel as much as possible.

So, put your recipe or idea in the comments on my blog or in the Facebook comments box, and I will think through a no added fat whole-food plant-based makeover version and blog about it. If you can add some info as to why you’d like the recipe made over or what it means to you, that would make it more interesting when I blog about the made over version.

I have my first challenge. It’s my Roman Chicken dish. A favourite of Mr G. It’s skinned thighs of chicken cooked in a rich olive oil, white wine, tomato, garlic, bacon and rosemary sauce.

My initial thought is to use flat cap/ portabello mushrooms to replace the chicken and smoked tofu the bacon. I will work on it and report back. I’ll only need to watch his face as the first forkful goes in to know if I’ve even got close or not.

So bring it on….

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