The Plant-Based Nutrition Movement – Poised to Cross the Pond

ImageThe burden of obesity finally reached the point in the United States where plant-based nutrition is being heavily promoted. Now this trend is set to come to the UK as the National Health Service is under heavy strain due to the expense of an obese nation. Carrying way too much weight leads to serious health problems, and the NHS is feeling the squeeze. Nutrition is one of the keys to fixing the national weight related health crisis.


Switching over to a plant based diet isn’t easy, however. T. Colin Campbell, one of the foremost proponents of plant-based nutrition, has commented on the fact that our society places roadblocks in front of us when we try to get on the road to better health. Simply being different may confuse the people around us, and even cause well meaning friends to question our dietary decisions. It may result from feelings of guilt over the fact that they aren’t doing something to improve their own health. They may tempt you with processed comfort foods with the encouragement that you should enjoy your life. But won’t better health be what truly brings you more pleasure? Part of the plant-based nutritional movement is about encouraging people to be different for the sake of their overall well being.


The Forks Over Knives plant-based diet is designed to help overcome obesity. Just check out the website to see examples of Americans who have lost a hundred pounds or more by sticking to a plant-based diet. The fact is that once word gets out about the life changes that this diet is having on people, more and more individuals will start to make the switch. This will make it easier to maintain the diet. But don’t wait for everyone else to do it. Social change takes time. Don’t go to your grave chowing on burgers and fries from the local fast food joint just because it’s what everyone else is doing. Be a pioneer, and show others the way.


Matt Lederman, the doctor who is also the executive producer of Forks Over Knives, is convinced that a plant based diet can help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer. It even has beneficial effects for those who already suffer from the conditions. He admits that once information for the film was gathered, it became obvious that there was so much more than could be included in one feature length documentary.


Americans are jumping on the healthy bandwagon more and more. You can expect the craze to reach the UK soon, and it’s not a bad thing. Click the links below to learn even more.


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