Making every meal count.

I read you wrote an article entitled-commitment. In it I talked about what commitment you are prepared to make to improve your health destiny. I got some feedback from a number of people, some of whom attended my cookery demonstration that they had indeed made some changes to their eating habits which had had a positive effect. What I realised, was that it’s not all about making the big gesture, sometimes it’s the small things that have an effect. Just reducing the amount of meat, fish, dairy in your diet one meal at a time can have a significant impact when you compound it over a period of time.
Imagine that every day when you go to work, you choose to eat a plant based meal, and that once a week you choose to go meatless on a day where you previously ate meat. Over the course of a year this would all add up to a pretty significant change in the food that you’ve eaten, both in terms of your caloric intake and in terms of your health. It’s all about baby steps, one step at a time in the right direction will have a significant impact.
It’s good to look at this in this way rather than with a diet mentality, which says as soon as I’ve gone “off my diet”, that’s it, “I failed”. Any change for the positive can have an impact. Just remember that your health and weight as you are today, is a result of what you’ve eaten and what you’ve experienced over many years. Making small changes that you can sustain into the future, will have an effect in the opposite direction, improving your health and well-being over time.
Please share your thoughts, and how you get on.
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recipe makeover challenge

Plantalicious – Recipe Makeover Challenge

I am always up for a challenge. One of the challenges I set myself is to take recipes that I like and make healthier no-added fat whole-food plant-based versions of them.

So I thought why not ask my readers to send me their recipes that they’d like “made over”. It’s a bit like one of those Gok Wan programmes – “How to Look Good Naked” or in this case, “How to taste good Naked!” Well at least without the meat, fish, dairy, processed foods and added fats.

There are a few rules – I’d prefer it not to be something like “grilled fillet steak” although I might suggest a thick griddled slice of Aubergine instead! Pastry is also tough to replace, but I’d do my best. I cannot guarantee to be able to makeover every recipe you suggest, but I will have a go.

My goal will be to improve the quality of the nutrition of the dish, whilst retaining the flavour, texture and mouthfeel as much as possible.

So, put your recipe or idea in the comments on my blog or in the Facebook comments box, and I will think through a no added fat whole-food plant-based makeover version and blog about it. If you can add some info as to why you’d like the recipe made over or what it means to you, that would make it more interesting when I blog about the made over version.

I have my first challenge. It’s my Roman Chicken dish. A favourite of Mr G. It’s skinned thighs of chicken cooked in a rich olive oil, white wine, tomato, garlic, bacon and rosemary sauce.

My initial thought is to use flat cap/ portabello mushrooms to replace the chicken and smoked tofu the bacon. I will work on it and report back. I’ll only need to watch his face as the first forkful goes in to know if I’ve even got close or not.

So bring it on….

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The Plant-Based Nutrition Movement – Poised to Cross the Pond

ImageThe burden of obesity finally reached the point in the United States where plant-based nutrition is being heavily promoted. Now this trend is set to come to the UK as the National Health Service is under heavy strain due to the expense of an obese nation. Carrying way too much weight leads to serious health problems, and the NHS is feeling the squeeze. Nutrition is one of the keys to fixing the national weight related health crisis.


Switching over to a plant based diet isn’t easy, however. T. Colin Campbell, one of the foremost proponents of plant-based nutrition, has commented on the fact that our society places roadblocks in front of us when we try to get on the road to better health. Simply being different may confuse the people around us, and even cause well meaning friends to question our dietary decisions. It may result from feelings of guilt over the fact that they aren’t doing something to improve their own health. They may tempt you with processed comfort foods with the encouragement that you should enjoy your life. But won’t better health be what truly brings you more pleasure? Part of the plant-based nutritional movement is about encouraging people to be different for the sake of their overall well being.


The Forks Over Knives plant-based diet is designed to help overcome obesity. Just check out the website to see examples of Americans who have lost a hundred pounds or more by sticking to a plant-based diet. The fact is that once word gets out about the life changes that this diet is having on people, more and more individuals will start to make the switch. This will make it easier to maintain the diet. But don’t wait for everyone else to do it. Social change takes time. Don’t go to your grave chowing on burgers and fries from the local fast food joint just because it’s what everyone else is doing. Be a pioneer, and show others the way.


Matt Lederman, the doctor who is also the executive producer of Forks Over Knives, is convinced that a plant based diet can help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer. It even has beneficial effects for those who already suffer from the conditions. He admits that once information for the film was gathered, it became obvious that there was so much more than could be included in one feature length documentary.


Americans are jumping on the healthy bandwagon more and more. You can expect the craze to reach the UK soon, and it’s not a bad thing. Click the links below to learn even more.


Additional Sources:




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leaf of cymbling in locking light

A New Queen of Kale? Plant-based Nutrition Seems to be a “Hot Topic” in the UK

Tonight’s Evening Standard contained the following article/promotion/pr for Calgary Avensino (Yes – that is her name – and an amazing one at that).

She is UK Vogue’s Contributing Editor.

How ironic that this article should be published on the day that I was working on a piece about how plant-based nutrition is coming to the UK from the US. So either, she is following in my tracks or her in mine…Who cares, as long as people wake up to what positive effect that Plant-Based nutrition can have on their lives and well-being.

Here is the article – http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/goodbye-gwynnie-hello-calgary-8838564.html

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dinner party

Is being a Plant-Based disciple as boring as being a Religious Zealot?

So I am getting worried that I am becoming a bore. Well maybe not a bore Per se, but more boring than I was. Why? Because I just keep finding myself waxing lyrical about my no-added-fat, whole-food plant-based diet. Almost everywhere I go, it becomes the topic of conversation.

Last night I was out with clients. We had a lovely evening. Discussing business, how the Bank is doing this year, their plans for next year, how my company is doing and new innovations etc., Suddenly they commented on what I was eating. I’d not seen these folks since I went plant-based. We then talked at length about what I am doing and why.

My reason for my plant-based adventure is to change my health destiny, given we have a history of heart disease in my family. We talked about what I eat. “You mean you do not eat any meat, fish or dairy”? I also answered the “P” question – “but where do you get your PPPPP-Protein from?

I guess that maybe I am not boring others, just myself with a rather repetitive story of what brought me to plant-strong eating and my personal journey. Maybe I should print a standard text of what brought me to this and how I have progressed to date?  Given that I am still overweight, I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud talking about this, especially to people who are thinner or outwardly healthier than I.

Then I remember something. To many people this is new. It is a new concept that they have not really heard and understood. They know about vegetarians, they walk amongst us and we are used to them. Vegans, hmmm. The V word. It seems to strike fear into people. The fact that you do not comply with the received wisdom on eating that dominates our culture.  This seems to strike fear into people.

When I then explain what eating a no-added-fat whole-food plant-based diet involves and how it differs from veganism, I am met with a mix of horror, disbelief and interest. “Why would you do this?”

When I explain how this way of living may help to improve my health destiny and make me more resistant to the chronic diseases that we are all so familiar with these days, of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc., there is suddenly a glimmer of interest. Often there is a comment of oh that’s good but I could never give up xyz food, or my favourite alcoholic beverage.

I am not suggesting that you do for a moment. I am not asking you, or telling you to do anything. I am merely sharing my experience and my enthusiasm. What you choose to do with that information is up to you.

If you choose to include more plant-based food into your diet, or if I inspire you to learn more, that is great.

If you catch me going on about it and find me boring – The tell me and let’s change the subject. I can opine on virtually any topic!

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Some examples of my food…Simply PLANTALICIOUS!

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Cancer and Diet – Spare 5 mins to watch this and share with friends and family

Yet another brilliant article from Michael Greger. This time looking at the positive impact of restricting methionine on cancer.

Where is methionine found? Poultry & Fish – Foods that we often think of as healthy!

Take a look – it runs for 5 mins. Then share with friends and family.


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Heart Disease in childhood? Watch this video if you care about your children or those of your friends and families.

This hard-hitting short video by Michael Greger MD is shocking, insightful, interesting and motivating….

Take a look and let me know what you think.



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pumpkins and walnuts

Plant-Based Living. Will it reach the masses in the UK

Interesting article by Doug Lisle on his view on Plant-Based Living reaching the masses in the US.


I wonder if this is true for the UK too? With “free healthcare” and a lack of taking responsibility for our own health, I have to say that I am concerned that we may eventually lag behind the US.

Your thoughts?


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Who said: “You have a responsibility to try and be as healthy as possible.”?

So who said this?

He also said a great many other things…

None other than Bill Clinton.

President Clinton’s Heart Disease Reversal through Dietary Lifestyle Shift is Proof Positive for North American Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.

If only my Dr would attend this!


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