What if I said that you could reduce your cholesterol by 20% in 4 weeks for €99 or your money back? Too good to be true?

Lots of people that I know and love are on Cholesterol lowering medication or are concerned about their heart health in terms of their cholesterol level. I have always been on the borderline of high cholesterol and with a family history of heart disease, that is why I chose to change to a plat-strong diet.

Current UK medical guidance suggests that we should aim to have our total cholesterol under 5, LDL below 3 and HDL above 1.

So would you rather achieve that with a drug with all the potential side-effects or by modifying your diet?

I recently discovered a website that offers a plant-based nutrition course, specifically aimed at lowering cholesterol.

Please take a look at this course. It is €99 for 4 weeks and has a 100% no-risk money back guarantee. Let me know if you decide to go ahead and do it.

The course in on-line so it is easy to do.

The two brothers are both chefs and are passionate about how you can change your health destiny, and have a lot of satisfied customers, just watch the testimonials. I have no financial or business affiliation with these chaps, in fact I do not know them. This just looks like a great course and I thought that I would share it so you can share it with anyone you know who you think might benefit.

I have taken a good look at what they are offering. The course has sound science behind it and is endorsed by 2 of the main people in this field, Biochemist Dr T. Colin Campbell, who is Professor Emeritus at Cornell University and author of the China Study and Whole; and Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn, the author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and the man behind Bill Clinton’s move to a Plant-Based diet.

Take a look.

The details are here: http://www.happyheartcourse.com/

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