Dr Colin T. Cambell Lecture – Take an hour to view this and change your view of how you can manage your health

Dr T. Colin Campbell is probably the leading Nutritionist and Biochemist researcher in the world. He co-authored the China Study. See – http://www.amazon.co.uk/China-Study-Comprehensive-Nutrition-Implications/dp/1932100660
He is a scientist of the utmost integrity and in these days of “instant celebrity” he should be globally lauded and recognised for the work that he has done in human nutrition. He is my food hero!
I recently took his course at Cornell University – The Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. It taught me a lot and changed my life.

Here is a lecture that he gave that really explains a lot about his work.
His work has implications for all of the chronic diseases we are facing in the world today including two of the biggest killers – cancer and coronary heart disease.
Please take time to review and share with those you know and love.

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