Disclaimer! Why? Because not everything is original.

I just wanted to clarify that I’m not sweating over a hot stove cooking dishes to develop all my blogged recipes. I use loads of books to inspire me and add my own twist or modify a recipe when I feel it needs it.

If a recipe is either a direct lift from someone else or closely resembles one I have read, I will of course credit the author and reference the source.

My purpose here is to share what I am doing as an inspiration and encouragement to others, whilst creating a record of what I’m up to. I have a dreadful memory so I can look up my own recipes! Cunning plan huh?

As I progress on my personal plant-based lifestyle I will be sharing my progress and details of my weight and health improvements or set backs!

So far in 8 weeks I’ve lost some weight, I’ve found my suit jackets will suddenly do up, I’m feeling great and full up. My blood pressure has dropped from High/Hypertensive to Low! I’m able to exercise more than I have in years. Yes, I’m still fat, after all this is after 8 weeks. This is no silver bullet and I’m in no hurry. What I want to do is to improve my health, my well-being, my physical appearance and make sure that I live to a ripe old age so I can annoy the heck out of all those who know me for as long as possible and be in the best possible shape I can be while doing it! With a history of heart disease in my Dad’s family and Asthma and Cancer in Mum’s I want to use the fuel that I place in my body to give me the best chance of a happy and healthy old age.

I have learned that a no added fat wholefood plant-based lifestyle can not only deliver what I am seeking but it can reverse the years of damage that I have done to my body. Particularly the arteries of my heart.

That’s why I’m doing this and if I can help and inspire others, then all well and good. Fred Honeycombe, my late father had a massive coronary aged 46. He died at 61. For me, that’s 10 years from now. Yes, I could be run over by a bus tomorrow (there are enough of them in London thanks to Ken Livingston – but that’s for another day…) what I am seeking is vibrant health that enables me to get out of the way of that bus and any and all of the chronic diseases that are linked to diet.

As Hippocrates said:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
― Hippocrates

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  1. MarthaLA
    MarthaLA says:

    Be grateful you have discovered this knowledge BEFORE (I hope) any major medical dis-eases, so there’s time to forestall them. Best wishes in your journey to health.

  2. Gary Wilkerson
    Gary Wilkerson says:

    I got to this point well AFTER a major mishap.. as vegetarian I had an aneurism in April 2004, netting me two weeks in coma.. Finally went vegan Aug 31, 2011.. and WFPB in 2013…cutting it close… I’ve even begun my own little blog on the matter, though not as professional looking as yours… though rather unusual I think for a former Texian. Maybe you’ll moderate my comment out..or may allow my self promotion once.. http://www.plant-strong-health-blog-by-gary.com/
    regardless, maybe I can learn something here!!! Thank you


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