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This blog is to share my experience of a plant-based lifestyle and my journey of eating a wholefood plant-based diet. Read more >


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This blog is to share my experience of a plant-based lifestyle and my journey of eating a wholefood plant-based diet.  No information on this site is intended to provide medical advice although i do hope that you find vibrant health from what i have shared here.

I got into this as a hobby having been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life.  I started to read about how health can be affected by what we eat, and had that “light bulb” moment that made me realise that i am what i eat.  More than that, that my entire life is a result of what i place in my body.  Having read books like the China Study by T. Colin Campbell and having successfully completed the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, i was convinced that this way of living offers each and everyone of us the chance for optimum health.

I am not suggesting for a moment that plant based foods are a panacea for all ills and that regular medicine has no place, but what i feel is that it gives us the greatest chance to be healthy.  It enables our body to operate at peak performance.  It gives us the very best chance to live to a ripe old age and to avoid many of the chronic diseases that are now so clearly linked to poor food choices.

About me:  I am 51, still battling the bulge.  I’ve been overweight all of my life, but am no longer a diet slave.  I have spent my career in data and analytics in the Banking Industry and I live in South London with my partner Richard.  As of 2013 we have been together 26 years.

Food is my passion, my obsession and now my medicine.

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Iceberg lettuce is sort of the black sheep of the lettuce family. It’s one of those most ignored foods, so often taken for granted and stuffed in a bun with a burger to make it “look healthy”.  As a child, it was a staple in our house, along with tomatoes and cucumber for a “British […]

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The hashtag that I use on Twitter is #EatMorePlants.     A lot of people say that going plant-based or vegan for health reasons is a big leap.     Really?  A big leap? What a bigger leap than taking medications like statins daily for the rest of your life? A big leap compared to […]